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Sustainable Urban Metabolism, by Paulo Ferrão and John Fernanadez
IN+ Report 2013 and Plan 2014-2016   illities and indwelling - emerging issues in innovation, technology and policy research
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IST, Lisbon, June 11-12 View +

15 June 2015: (to be confirmed) Engineering systems in Automotive OEMs and in the corresponding supply chain: case studies. - Engineering Design Roundtables
11-13 June 2015: Lisbon Summer School in "Interdisciplinary Research Methods for Engineering Systems and Policy", with support of MIT-Portugal, CMU-Portugal
15-16 June 2015: IN+ Annual Event and External Review Committee, at Centro de Inovação da Mouraria - - Rua dos Lagares, 23; Mouraria; Lisboa
20 June 2015: Looking at new technologies: from 3D printing to additive manufacturing and advanced robotics - Aeronautics Innovation Roundtables
17-19 June 2015: 15th ICTPI Conference
Theme: ICT and Science in a Complex World
Venue: Milton Keynes, UK
18-22 June 2015: Doctoral School on Innovation
24 June 2015: Engineering systems to deal with uncertainty in aeronautics: learning from comparative studies - Aeronautics Innovation Roundtables
21-23 June 2015: TMP doctoral consortium, at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, USA
24th-26th June 2015: Sowing the seeds of future: The financing of tomorrow innovations - BERGAMO, Italy
3-4 July 2015: LARSYS annual Conference, PAv Conhecimento, Lisboa
7-9 September 2015: 28th CHER 2015, Lisbon
14 September 2015: Technical change in aeronautics: learning from comparative studies - Aeronautics Innovation Roundtables
10-13 September 2015: Second WINIR Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
15-18 September 2015: Historical Network Research 2015 International Conference - Lisbon
22 September 2015: Exploring users needs through a multidisciplinary approach: Human-Machine Interfaces in product design and development. - Engineering Design Roundtables
5-6 October 2015: CHEPS, Harlem , Holland
5th - 7th October 2015: 8th Senses & Sensibility - design as a trade, Lisbon, Portugal
19-22 October 2015: ALTEC 2015, Porto Alegre, Brazil
22-24 October 2015: Future Places, Porto
28-29 October 2015:, UAN, Bogota
30 October 2015: Higher education in latin america, Bogota
11-15 November 2015: 4S, Denver, USA
Desafios e oportunidades para o desenvolvimento científico e tecnológico e o emprego qualificado: capacitação, apropriação social e económica e especialização - Se non ora, quando? - Se não agora, quando?
+ Events

21-22 May 2015: WARSAW Policy Research Workshop
18-20 May 2015: 3D2 – 3 Days of Design thinking - Engineering Design Roundtables
16 May 2015: Streams of knowledge
16 May 2015: Manifesto 2015
14-15 May 2015: Saint-Petersburg, Russia - 2nd Intl. Conf. "Education and Global Cities:Prospects of BRICS"
14th May 2015: Lançamento do livro "Boston Festival - Um Tributo aos Portugueses na América"
7-8 May 2015: Congresso - No Coração do Mundo - Ciências Em Rede Num Mundo Global - Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
30th April 2015: Dinâmicas profissionais e a liberdade de escolher: estudar, trabalhar, empreender - Se non ora, quando? - Se não agora, quando?
24-25 April 2015: IC2 Fellows Meeting - Univ. of Texas at AUSTIN, USA
22-23 April 2015: Texas-Portugal Venture Growth Workshop - Univ. of Texas at AUSTIN, USA
20 April 2015, 12h: In Memory of José Mariano Gago.
21 April 2015: Cross-ETP event: Common challenges to safety, security and risk management
16 - 17 April 2015: The Atlantic – Our Shared Resource: Making the Vision Reality - (10h00 - 20h00 & 9h00 -13h00) Palais d’Egmont, Brussels
15 April 2015: Southern Atlantic Marine Science Cooperation Workshop - (10h00 -16h00), Permanent Mission of Germany to the EU, Rue Jacques de Lalaing 8-14, 1040 Brussels
14 April 2015: (date to be confirmed) +ATLANTIC: an engineering design approach of a technology-based strategy towards the sustainable exploration of Atlantic - Engineering Design Roundtables
9-10 April 2015: Curitiba, Brazil, Sustainable Urban MoBility
7 April 2015: "Voz aos Estudantes" - Dia Nacional do Estudante, Reitoria Univ. Lisboa, 21h
26th March 2015: Aprender a aprender: desafios para apreender e empreender - Se non ora, quando? - Se não agora, quando?
17 March 2015 : New frontiers in technology development towards new product development: from additive manufacturing to managing big data - Engineering Design Roundtables
11-13 March 2015: 4th International Ship Design & Naval Engineering Congress, Cartagena, Colombia
+ Events
PÚBLICO, 16 Maio 2015 - O Manifesto para a Ciência em Portugal de José Mariano Gago: 25 anos depois
EXPRESSO, 16 Maio 2015 - Caminhos do Conhecimento: sobre o legado de José Mariano Gago
Eduardo Beira publishes new insigths about Michael Polanyi in the journal Tradition & Discovery (2014), da Polanyi Society
Best Paper Award na IECER 2015 (Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research): Joana Mendonça, Filipa Madeira and Miguel Torres Preto (2015), "Business owners' educational skills and entrepreneurial teams on worker wages: The role of business owner gender"
23rd September 2014: Manuel Heitor in the Spanish Royal Academy cif Engineering,
22nd July 2014: MIT Portugal Railrider
16th June 2014: Trabalhar numa multinacional garante melhor salário - Miguel Torres Preto
13 June 2013: RBS no FOZTUA project
FUTURáLIA 2014, 26-29 Março, Manuel Heitor Preside Conselho Consultivo.
01/12/2013: Does a Higher Education Research Community Exist in Asia? By Hugo Horta and Jisun Jung at INTERNATIONAL HIGHER EDUCATION Number 74
29 Outubro 2013: Manuel Heitor has been elected Corresponding Academician of the The Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain.
11 October 2013: 'Understanding the pros and cons of academic inbreeding' by Hugo Horta published in University World News
25 May 2013: Reversing decades of brain drain' by Manuel Heitor, Hugo Horta and Joana Mendonça published in University World News
15 March 2013: Manuel Heitor na USP, São Paulo.
29 May 2012: Manuel Heitor - investigação nas Universidades gera empregos e exportações
16 Feb 2012: Manuel Heitor sobre a fusão UTL-UL
14 Nov 2011: The paper "Agglomeration vs. Organizational Reproduction: The Molds Cluster in Portugal" by Carla Costa and Rui Baptista was recognized as Honorable Mention of the Best Conference Paper Prize at the 31st Strategic Management Society Conference
14 Nov 2011: IN+ participates in the UTEN 2011 Annual Conference, Previous reports:
3 Nov 2011: “IN+ fosters research and advanced training in risk governance and S&T policy: the 2011 IRGC annual event”
+ News

Fórum "Grandes pensadores e pensamentos: ciência, tecnologia e desenvolvimento"
Hugo Horta and Jung Cheol (Seoul National University) as editors of the book series "Knowledge Studies in Higher Education" invite proposals for books dealing with complex issues where education, research policy and information studies interact. Books will be greatly welcomed by policymakers as well as academic researchers.
Sustainable Urban Metabolism, by Paulo Ferrão and John Fernanadez
International Book Series on "Technology Policy and Innovation"
Our books through Edward Elgar
Our Books on History of Technology, through Dom Quixote
Our books through IST PRESS
Our books through CELTA publishers
+ Activities

Hugo Horta is part of the International Advisory Board of ELLTA - Exploring Leadership & Learning Theories in Asia
Hugo Horta presents at the Community for Higher Education Research (CHER) at the University of Hong Kong a lecture titled 'To be or not to be…supportive of funding PhD students?
"Hugo Horta was invited to participate in the The Annual International Conference of The Hong Kong Educational Research Association:/Managing Global Cities: Enhancing Hub Status and Implications for Education and Development/ organized by the Centre for Greater China Studies(CGCS) of the Hong Kong Institute of Education"
Hugo Horta was invited by Prof. Jeroen Huisman to give a lecture at the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, University of Ghent on the 21st of October 2013
Hugo Horta was invited to participate on a forum on the Hong Kong Changing Academy at the University of Hong Kong, where he will talk about the scholarship of research
Ana Moita was invited to present seminars at the Southampton Solent University, UK
Hugo Horta is one of the invited scholars of the 4th International Conference on Knowledge, Innovation and Education hosted by the Seoul National University and sponsored by the National Research Foundation of Korea
Hugo Horta will participate as an invited speaker at a Round Table on "Academic Career Development of Internationally Distinguished and Emerging Scholars" in the Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea
Hugo Horta will be spending a one month research spell at the Faculty of Education of the University of Hong Kong
Hugo Horta is the co-coordinator of the 2012 Council For International Higher Education (CIHE) pre-conference program at the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) conference
Hugo Horta was invited by the Higher School of Economics
+ Research Exchanges
31 March to 14 April 2015: Posição de Professor Auxiliar "Technological Change and Innovation", MIT-Portugal
Uncertainty and Technical Change in Latin America - A Special Issue published by the Journal of Technology Managment and Innovation, JOTMI, 2014
Democratizing Higher Education and Access to Science: The Portuguese Reform 2006–2010: Manuel Heitor and Hugo Horta
MNC subsidiary closures: What is the value of employees’ human capital in new jobs? - Wolfgang Sofka, Miguel Torres Preto and Pedro de Faria
Hugo Horta was invited to make a presentation on the subject of science policies and brain-gain at the conference "Invest in Researchers" in November 2013, sponsored by the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union
Heitor, Horta and Mendonça (2013), "Developing human capital and research capacity: science policies promoting brain gain", TFSC
Heitor and Horta (2013); "Democratizing higher education and access to science - The Portuguese Reform 2006-2010"; Higher Education Policy
Baptista, Karaoz and Mendonça (2013) "The impact of human capital on the early success of necessity versus opportunity-based entrepreneurs"; Small Business Economics
"Avaliação das externalidades do regadio em Portugal", report with the co-authorship of IN+/IST, June 2013"
Heitor and Horta (2012); "Opening-up higher education in emerging economis: autonomy and integrity on the rise of globalization"; IJCE
Engenharia hoje? A cultura da experimentação em redes de colaboração: industrialização, desenvolvimento científico e qualificação, Manuel Heitor, Academia de Engenharia, Lisboa, 18 de Dezembro, 2012
"How far university global partnerships may facilitate a new era of international affairs and foster political and economic relations?", by Manuel Heitor, ASHE International Forum 2012, Las Vegas, 15 November 2012
Going places: exploring the impact of internationalization and intra-sectoral mobility on scientific productivity and communication behaviors in Japanese academi, by Hugo Horta and Akiyoshi Yonezawa (Nagoya University, Japan), , Journal of Studies in International Education, October 2012
The Long-Term Internationalization of Higher Education in Japan: A Survey of Non-Japanese Faculty Members inJapanese Universities, by Akiyshi Yonezawa (Nagoya University, Japan), , Kenji Ishida (Tohoku University, Japan) and Hugo Horta, Journal of Studies in International Education, October 2012
Deepening our understanding of academic inbreeding effects on research information exchange and scientific output: new insights for academic based research, by Hugo Horta, published in Higher Education (August 2012)
+ Papers

Sustainable Campus Project at Tecnico, Lisbon wins the 2014 AEE International Award
2013 - the 2nd AVAC National Prize (2010-2012) was awarded by "Ordem dos Engenheiros"(Portugal's Engineering Council) to Filipe Ventura for the best student work in the area of Climatization Engineering (work supervised by Tiago Domingos)
André Serrenho, from IN+'s Laboratory of Industrial Ecology and Sustainability, and Miguel Panão from the Laboratory of Thermofluids, Combustion, and Energy Systems were considered "Excellent Teachers" in the Thermodynamics I Course (2011/2012)
Nuno Cegonho, who finished his MSc in Environmental Engineering in IN+ in 2011, received one of the "Prémios Caixa Geral de Depósitos a Graduados do Instituto Superior Técnico" awards.
Daniela Couto recebe o prémio "Jovem Empresária – categoria Start, 2011" da Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários, ANJE, 7 Jul 2011
Prémio "BES Inovação 2011" para Daniela Couto e Cell2b, 7 Dez 2011
Green Project Awards 2011 - Project "Terraprima – Pastagens Permanentes Semeadas Biodiversas e Ricas em Leguminosas"
2010 - 1st Prize of the Best Young Researcher UTL/Delloite 2010, on the scientific field of Mechanical Engineering, awarded to Ana Moita
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